Friday, August 26, 2011

Spurs v City Viewing Schedule!

Hey all!

This Sunday we play our first real test of the season (if you ask me), an away match against Tottenham Hotspur. The game is an EARLY one, starting at 5:30 A.M. SHARP, so get yer coffee, tea, or whatever your poison is and get ready for a big showdown. The first match of the day is at 5:00 A.M so Maggie's will 100% be open even if you show earlier than 5:30!

After the match, the Rags play Arsenal as well, an important game for City's position in the table, as well as the fact Maggie's also hosts alot of Arsenal fans, so I suggest you stick around with us and take the piss out of two different types of Reds! Haha.

In any case, again 5:30 AM... BE SURE TO BE IN YOUR COLORS, we will be surrounded by Rags and Gooners, very important :)

See you there, and COME ON YOU BLUES!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bolton Wanderers 2, Manchester City 3: Andy's Corner

Periodic Analysis & Opinion from Andrew, Supporter's Club Social Secretary:
Hey all, Andy here with another commentary on last weekend’s 2-3 win over Bolton Wanderers. As usual with City, it wasn’t always pretty, but unlike many years past we got the job done.

While Kompany continues to be a thoughtful player and attempts to maintain his competencies as a captain, it would seem when faced with playing along Joleon Lescott and Aleksander Kolarov, he experiences issues to communicate with his defence.
Lescott, while advancing in several improvements (more patient, less carless), seems to not know his full role in the alternative center back. Making several key stops, he also appeared to have a tendency to lose his fluidity with the midfield, and only gave a B to B+ performance if you ask me.
Kolarov persists with his inconsistency, and, as I have said before, seems to be frustrated with his clipped wingback position. He does his best when he is as understated as possible as a defender, and can push up just enough that he can get a volley or two at goal, which he did get one, utilizing his cracking left foot, but as a defender was easily the most confused and useless.
Micah Richards is a much more competent wingback, and does not cease to impress me as our choice for most active attacking defender.

Now, given the fact that the normally discordant Gareth  Barry score an amazing strike of a goal, had the heart to do it, and had a steady stream of excellently placed passes to our defenders, you’d think I’d give a higher score to our midfield.
With that being said, our loss of Nigel de Jong to a small injury was immediately visible – Yaya cannot be expected to play a full on holding midfielder role (it’s just not in his blood), and Milner, who is progressing at a truly impressive rate compared to last year’s campaign, also enjoys a bit of active freedom to get on the wings and in the attack. While it might be nice to see Mancini replacing our normally defensive positions with more attacking minding midfield, it seemed to not suit the three men (who rarely play together in tandem), and while more than enough to handle Bolton, this midfield will not work in the more difficult league, cup, and European matchups.
Yaya was surprisingly understated as well, which took things down a notch for me in midfield, but that may be because of our new-look attack, which follows…

FINALLY, my boy Džeko appears to have found his way in the world. He was, along with the all-conquering David Silva, the best thing on the pitch on Sunday. His ability to parry a healthy attacking mindset (which delivered him arguably his first self-made goal in City blue) with excellent vision and unselfish aerial passing gives me the belief he was close to being man of the match. While still slow and a bit want to lose possession, with Kun Agϋero  as a defender-drawing partner, and the ever-creative Silva to distribute balls to him (ahem), Edin Džeko looked good enough to question the use of the pernicious Balotelli at all in the new lineup, barring any injury, and with 2 big goals in 2 games, begins to add the sort of “other threat” mentality needed in attack when defenses have planned heavily to contain Agϋero, Tévez, Silva, Balotelli, and now new signing Samir Nasri.
Lastly, a word about Tévez – first, I was glad to see him receive an ovation, if not a full on standing one, for coming on the pitch. We are forever indebted to him for his 110% performances last year, and would not have been able to get the FA Cup, or 3rd place, without him. While off of the pitch frankly a nuisance, he has earned his place in City history and will always get a nod of respect from me in his style of play.
Now that that’s out of the way, for me, he looked like he didn’t really need to be there. It is only one game, and I do not think for a second if he stays until January (or ever farther) that he will not have performances that remind us of why he was able to share the Golden Boot last year, but with our other attackers performing almost better as a unit, despite all 3 of them not being a City player nearly as long as Tévez, he again began to take massive control of the ball and rarely seemed to be in parlance with our attack over the 20 or so minutes he played. Again, I believe that he will impress us in the coming weeks, but I also think we don’t need him, simply stated.
Kun Agϋero  (obviously) did not have the game he had last time, but proved an unselfish component of our front 3. I must point out the several easy, truly easy shots, he missed over the course of the game, and so I must dock points from our attack for this, but I believe as the campaign moves on this will become a rarer and rarer occurrence.

-Poor Adam Johnson, he is becoming less and less useful, almost an afterthought, not only because of his erratic creative ability, but because of our strong line up. With Samir Nasri to compete with now, I would not be shocked if he is gone by January. With that being said I respect him highly and hope to see him playing a full 60 somewhere, if not here.
-We will need to figure out a contingency plan for Nigel de Jong if he gets injured. Our holding ability was severely curtailed this match, and I believe that has a lot to do with #34.
-As Mancini has pointed out, we gave up a goal we should not have. With Kolo Touré returning soon, and hopefully Gaël Clichy and Stefan Savić receiving more playing time than Kolarov or Lescott, I hope some of these issues will be smoothed out.
-All in all, a fine performance however. It was an away match, a difficult away match with a surging Bolton (who I tip to finish top 8 this year), and getting the 3 points is most important. Top of the table, even if it’s just two matches, and a confidence booster going into an ever tougher away match against Tottenham Hotspur.
Well, that’s all for now, thanks for reading, and come on City!
Live Forever,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bolton v Manchester City Meetup!

The first top of the table clash occurs this Sunday between our Manchester City and Bolton Wanderers. While still early in this season, this is likely to be Kun Agüero's first start for City as well as a possible appearance (or start) by one Carlos Alberto Tévez.

Gino, Official Club Treasurer, will also be bringing by official membership cards for anyone who has yet to get them, or anyone who would officially like to join (only $10 for the whole year!).

So come down, have a coffee, a pint, a breakfast sandwich, or all three, and enjoy another exciting fixture on our historic 2011-12 campaign!

NOTE: As always, the match will begin promptly at 8:00 A.M. sharp so be sure to be on time and in your proper Citeh gear! Can't wait to see you!

SF Man City Blues

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Opening Day Viewing Schedule!

After many months of waiting - our Premier League opening day is upon us! Our first match of the season will be against newly promoted Welsh side Swansea AFC. With Chelsea and Arsenal unable to come out of the first week with a win, we stand to start of the season with a bang and ahead of fellow Big 6 rivals!

We will be meeting at Maggie McGarry's around 11:30-45 to get ready for kickoff at 12:00 noon sharp so be on time if you can make it!

Have a pint or three, and come cheer the City boys on with us!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Manchester City 2, Manchester United 3: Andy's Corner

Periodic Analysis & Opinion from Andrew, Supporter's Club Social Secretary:

It had to be like this, it just had to be.

After walking into the locker room at halftime 2-0 up against Manchester United, City managed to lose the game 2-3 when the final whistle blew. One would like to say we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and other cliches, but we essentially did get played off of the pitch. Now that the early morning whiskey haze has worn off, and the dust has settled, here are a few of my thoughts about the game.

Defence - 6/10

Poor Vinny Kompany. He has been nothing less than a stalwart for us since moving from Hamburg SV in 2008, a rock in the back, and (now) an able and inspiring captain. While not having a career-bending terrible performance, his entire back line never seemed completely cohesive today. Kolarov seemed dejected in his smothered wingback role, Lescott defensively strong and present but essentially rendered invisible, and of course old Vinny having both the unluckiest and uncleanliest give away goal in stoppage time. Micah Richards actually had a fairly decent game, but lack of communication with your compatriots can make a good game look... not so good. Anywho, what more can I say about the Premier League's #1 rated defence of 2010-11 other than it was not their day. I give them a 6/10 for a solid if incoherent first half, and despite the 2-0 lead at the half, anyone watching might have seen the signs of a defensive implosion in the second 45.

Midfield - 5/10

I guess after this match I might have to add James Milner with Edin Dzeko in my "I'm a fanboy" column. I personally think he was the only thing worth mentioning in the midfield, modern City relics Yaya Toure and Nigel de Jong included. He was quick on the defensive edge, the only midfielder truly running to the ball, and was hungry for an attack when we actually managed to put one together, which (today) was a rarity. Yaya and Nigel de Jong seemed to be speaking a different language than their forwards, never being able to realize their usual vision as our strategic tunnel for defence to attacking ball movement. Considering how consistent and solid these gentlemen are on most matchdays, that's about as far negative as I'll go on their performance, but again, today was not our midfield's day.

Attack - 3/10

Considering changing the lyrics of "We're not really here" to "Balotelli's not really here."

Mario, Mario. If Dzeko and Milner comprise my "I'm a biased fanboy" narrative this season, Mario Balotelli is the president, vice president, CEO, and secretary, for my "You're beginning to look like a waste of time AND money" column. Look, I know he's young. When I was 21 it was just enough of a life goal for me to stop drinking Natural Light and "mature" to regular cheap beer, like PBR. So I'm excusing him on that front, but we as Manchester City, we as the team who are trying to change the face of not only our club's history but the English Premier League in general, do not have time for a player whose head is in the game 30% of the time. We do not have time to worry about a possible red card any time he throws his hands up in the air, and with that being said, maybe he should take a card from Carlos Tevez's book and leave his diva ways off of the pitch, and just show up to play. At this second, as pointed out in The Guardian, we never know which Balotelli we are going to see. I'll give him until we see how he performs in the Champions League, and if he continues this crap, I'm requesting a break-up. "It's not me, it's you," Balotelli.

Ironically, we paid more for Edin Dzeko. Now you know he is my homey, seems like a true Blue, and is a refreshingly honest and invested player in the club. But you can't pay 27 million pounds for a mannequin. I want to see Dzeko do better, and fair play to him for scoring that goal (an admittedly soft goal), but metaphorically speaking, his clothes just never seem to fit. I still barely know what his role in the attack is, other than to trap incoming long balls with some mild efficiency before losing the ball to a nearby defender. What say you, Edin? Speak!

Silva had one of his worst games as well - overshot corners, lack of ball control, miscommunication. By christ that man is City gold and our best attacking player, so I won't dare touch any kind of major complaint about him, but he had a bad game. Enough said.

-Adam Johnson is all cool by me, and he had a cracking attempt at goal this game, but why the hell Mancini would take off Milner, the only successful defending midfielder at the time, and put on Johnson was beside me. I don't know what planet that Bobby Manc lives on some times.

-With that in mind, NO AGUERO?!? Are you serious?? Now alot of folks at the pub were saying "we need to rest him, make sure he's good for opening day"...

-Opening day is a SWANSEA at HOME. If we can't deliver a win without Aguero for that... we can forget Champions League, silverware, any history. Balotelli and Dzeko have a combined cost of  roughly 48 million pounds, plus wages. If we are nervous against Swansea at home with that, then Mancini should just be fired right now because he would be wasting money. No, I don't think Mancini should be fired. I think we will be fine against Swansea at home. We should have played Aguero, even if for just 5 minutes.

Anyway, I'm getting ranty, but I hope you feel me out there, Blues in cyberspace!

'Til next time...

Live Forever,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

FA Community Shield Viewing!

Hey all, tomorrow is both the official start of our 2011-2012 season, our chance at our second piece of silverware this year (Dublin Cup, anyone?), and of course a chance to embarrass the filth that is Manchester United.

We will be meeting at Maggie McGarry's as always to watch the game at around 6:15. The game starts PROMPTLY at 6:30 A.M. so be sure to be on time. Early as hell, we know. Oh well, dedication calls!

So come by, have an Irish coffee or three with us, and cheer on the boys in Blue as we start out new campaign!