Saturday, May 23, 2015

Making the home field advantage

City lost a few home games this season.  Well, you might say, every one loses sometimes.  This is true.  So why should we pay attention?

Did you know that City's away form was exactly the same this year and last?  EXACTLY.  So that means the difference between our potential 79 points this season and the 86 we won the league with last year was the difference in our home points.  The max Chelsea can finish with is 87, so our 86 might have won this year, and certainly would have made the last day more exciting.

What caused this difference?  Who knows.  Whats' clear is that after surviving a stretch with no strikers and playing well during it, City lost and drew against some teams that we would have crushed last season.

Last season, we started the season with a poor run away, and then became terrors on the road and at home.  This season, we started well and went on a mid season slump both home and away.  But in the last 8 games, only Leicester City has more points.  We've found our form and are playing well again.  Unfortunately, it cost us the league, although did assure us a second place finish.

It's a long season and every team will have it's ups and downs.  Let's see if we can even out the lows next season.