Monday, November 21, 2016

Well, Mind Games?

Just rereading the last blog.  Definitely wrong about Nasri and Hart, eh!

But the games with Yaya continue.  And what a game he had this weekend!  After not playing a match in almost three months, he STARTS (I was in shock just on that) and scores both City goals for the win.  The Premier League scriptwriters can't make up stories this good.  It's two days later and I still can't believe it.

What I wish I could find are his stats.  At half time, they pointed out that he had run about 5.5 KM.  But his overall stats last year showed he was covering the ground.  What he wasn't doing was sprints.  I don't have a feel for how he fared in that stat this week, but I'm sure Pep's coaching staff will have an eye on it.  His weight is clearly way down, and the fans and the other players still love him.  One story ran that the players gave him a standing ovation in the dressing room.

It seems to me that 'long' term the situation with his manager is not viable.  But what is 'long' term when the player is 33 and his contract is up?  At his age, playing every match is not possible.  I had him tagged as leading the club in the League Cup.  But Pep's words and the early exit in that competition put an end to that.

In other news, our summer signings don't seem to be holding up on the whole.  Nolito seems to want to head butt everyone, Sane has looked great on the pitch, but apparently the boss sees something different as he is not making the team sheet.  And Bravo seems to be not communicating well with the defense.  In the first match vs. United it was perhaps understandable that he could not communicate with Stones, but last week with Vinny and the concussion was not.

Even more than the great start, the highlight of the season was beating Barcelona.  It was truly deserved and a great step in the club's development.  But since then, the intensity has come down a notch. Or perhaps two. The aggressive, attacking display that we saw early and against Barcelona hasn't been seen since.  I don't know if that is on purpose or if players are just tired.  Maybe this is a tactic by Pep?  Perhaps we will see mid week?

Tell us what you think is on Pep's mind in the comments!