Saturday, January 24, 2015

out of the FA Cup

Wow.  Two home losses in a row.

Not a goal scored in either.

Even with Kun on the pitch.

Next game away at Stamford Bridge

Do you feel the pressure mounting?  Today's competition played us well.  We were very unlucky on the first goal, even though a defensive mistake led to the play.  But we had luck other times in the day.  I can't say we were officiated fairly, because we were not.  Two clear penalties were waved away.

But against competition like that, we should not have to worry about the officiating.  We should have put the ball in the back of the net 6 times early, but didn't.  If we had, I would not even have to mention Mr. Doud's performance.  But so it goes.  We were worried before the match about the trip to the middle east.  Change of weather, change of time zones.  Flying back the day before was not a good idea.

It's a long season, and its a long season for a reason.  As fans, we like it that way.  The ups and downs of particular weeks are what keep us interested in the game.  It's not just being a glory hunter.

I hope that management still has faith in Manuel.  I hope the players do, too.  Official pronouncements about his predecessor leaving had to do with lack of progress in the Champions League.  If we don't look respectable against Barcelona, we'll be in that same spot.

It's a long season.  Lets see what time brings us.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

goal difference

Last year at this time, we had were closing in on 100 BPL goals, this year, we are at 45. 

Some might say that this is due to our strikers being injured.  While it's true we went a few games without a recognized striker on the pitch, we managed to win those games and score quite a few goals in the process.

What I find different between this year and last year was the ability to break up the pitch, even when outnumbered and get a good chance.  This season, we are more likely than not to stop and wait for reinforcements, which gives the defense a chance to set up.

Breaking down a well drilled defense can be done, and we're generally pretty good at it.  But it's a lot harder, takes a lot more time and will lead to lower goal totals.

While we've complained a lot about the defense, we've let in 3 fewer goals than this point last season.  But the defensive issues become more obvious when you are not scoring 4 and 5 goals a match.

Taking advantage of our speed on the break would bring us a lot of good.  Hopefully, we start doing it.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The 'festive' holiday period


On Saturday, November 29th, City was 9 points behind Chelsea.  Today, we are even.  You can't ask for too much more than that.  The manager had laid down the law and told the team they needed to win the next 10 games.  And City would have except for 45 sub par minutes and a poor offside call against Burnley, they would have, too.

It's minor, but I'm not sure why Chelsea are listed as first place and City second.  Same points, same goal differential, same goals scored and conceded.  It does not get closer than that!  I think both teams should be listed as first place and no team listed as second place.  But they don't seem to do that.

Eighteen matches to go including away games at Arsenal (the next Maggie McGarry's derby!) and Chelsea.  City and Chelsea will both drop points between now and the end of the season.  The question is: who will drop fewer?  We will know in May, just the way Pellegrini has been telling us since September.

Stay tuned!