Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two Matches Left!


Nice result today versus Everton!  The team played well but it was unfortunate that Aguero is apparently hurt again.  It did not seems clear how he hurt himself, but apparently did it in the process of scoring our first goal.

A few (more) words about Edin Dzeko.  Him scoring two goals today make all the difference.  But my comments about Dzeko stand:  The third goal was put right on his foot from three yards out.  Any of us could have done it.  And the second goal was an unchallenged header.  The second goal looked more of a mistake by Tim Howard to this commentator.  Replays show that he was very slow to react to the ball which didn't have much pace on it.

Dzeko has scored a lot of goals for us this season, but with the service he has been getting, it has been hard for him not too.

And the type of goal that he doesn't score is the goal like Yaya had last week with a run from the half way line, fighting off defenders with a clinical finish despite the challenges.  As a whole, he doesn't 'make' goals but instead is the guy in front to receive the perfect pass and head/deflect it in.  I don't see him with too many goals like the wonderful one from Barkley of Everton.

One complaint I had was his disgraceful delay of match in the 88th minute.  To see him on the ground because he slipped was terrible.  That's not the City I want to see.  Please, Please, PLEASE let's leave that type of football to Ashley Young, Suarez and the Spanish.

Again, I am not a hater.  I just think we can do better.

I just rewatched the the video of our first 100 goals this season.  Dzeko scored 16 of them.  2 of them were headers.  Goal 41 was a really nice "touch, turn, shot".  Goal 16 is a nice flick in.  In a total of 4 of these goals, is he in any way or shape marked.  For the other 12, he is completely unmarked.  One of these 16 goals is from outside the box.  None of the goals required him to make more than one touch before shooting.  Only 3 shots did he touch once before shooting.  So, if you or I was standing in the box, unmarked, would we be able to put the ball at our feet into the net?  Just saying.....