Thursday, August 28, 2014

Group of death, meh!

We have several treats this week:

1) Sergio scoring within seconds of coming on to put a nail in the Scousers coffin
2) A completely OUTSTANDING performance by the Milton Keynes Don's battering United
3) The group of death draw in the Champions League.
4) United breaking the all time English transfer fee record for a player that can't break into the starting lineup in Spain.

Regarding 3), I don't think there is another group that is close to as tough as ours.  Chelsea and perhaps Liverpool are definitely beneficiaries of the draw.  The good news is that we KNOW we can beat Bayern! One wag posited that we would win the group!  Wouldn't that be special! 

There is also a great post about United having the first GBP 400M team.  It makes you think of the New York Yankees baseball team, who keep needing pitching and buying batting.  We certainly hope that DiMaria has the same effect on the team that Mata did.  Zilch!

Personally, I continue to like Pellegrini 's approach.  This week and THIS week only.  We won't have to worry about future weeks if we loose this week!

In Pellegrini we trust!