Sunday, November 30, 2014

Great TEAM performance

Today's win against Southampton was the best performance by City this season.  Everything from
  • the key save by Hart in the 20th minute
  • the clean sheet
  • holding their opponents to four shots on target
  • scoring three goals on a team that had only allowed one at home
  • Clichy's first goal in a City shirt
  • Goals by Yaya and Lampard
  • Overcoming some questionable officiating
  • Scoring two goals down to 10 men
  • Aguero with two great assists
I could go on and on and on.  City played great foot ball, usually doing an excellent job of keeping possession and keeping the Saints away from goal.

But the best part?  the very best part?  the VERY best part?  The complete joy shown by the entire team after Yaya's goal.  They knew how important it was,  and they knew they had to get it done.  And the did.

Completely awesome.