Wednesday, January 21, 2015

goal difference

Last year at this time, we had were closing in on 100 BPL goals, this year, we are at 45. 

Some might say that this is due to our strikers being injured.  While it's true we went a few games without a recognized striker on the pitch, we managed to win those games and score quite a few goals in the process.

What I find different between this year and last year was the ability to break up the pitch, even when outnumbered and get a good chance.  This season, we are more likely than not to stop and wait for reinforcements, which gives the defense a chance to set up.

Breaking down a well drilled defense can be done, and we're generally pretty good at it.  But it's a lot harder, takes a lot more time and will lead to lower goal totals.

While we've complained a lot about the defense, we've let in 3 fewer goals than this point last season.  But the defensive issues become more obvious when you are not scoring 4 and 5 goals a match.

Taking advantage of our speed on the break would bring us a lot of good.  Hopefully, we start doing it.