Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baggies v City 10th August, 2015

Nice sunny day in San Francisco as City kicked off at the Hawthorns.  Patrick, Maggie’s beloved barkeep, was uncharacteristically sullen probably due to being reminded that Arsenal were bottom of the league. He soon brightened though up to inform all 16-plus of the attending  SF Blues that we should be careful lest we bring worse things onto ourselves. Personally, I kept my trap shut.  Dr. Adrian Rawlinson offered to write us all sick notes as we had skived off work to watch which showed ultimate compassion from one who has uttered the Hippocratic Oath . Dave Brogan was off like a rocket towards the moan zone as the game began, complaining about the fullback pairing of Saghna and Kolorav but really!! why begin the season like this when we have 37 more glorious opportunities to vent our spleens?  What’s this? City started brightly, bossing the game as Silva buzzed around, playing through Yaya as West Brom watched like stand-ins from ‘Dawn of the Dead’. George A. Romero aka Tony Pulis stood impassively on the sidelines projecting his thought-waves, ‘4-4-2 wtf was I thinking? and these West Brom boxers are very tight around the nether regions’. Nine minutes in Silva shot across the face of goal, Navas retrieved and brought it back for Toure to scuff a shot through Dawson’s  lanky legs into the side of the net, a lucky dribbler –WE LOVE SCABBY GOALS! Cue a loud  Rob, Kyle (and bro) and  Jeffrey-led chorus of Yaya, Yaya Yaya…  It got better, 25 minutes on the clock a languid one-two with Bony for Toure to curl one in to the Myhill’s left top corner. City continued in similar fashion as the half ran out, Sterling should have scored but no matter; his 6 out of 10 performance,  though bright,  was  below the rest of the rampant City players. West Brom improved in the second half (it was hard not to) and had a few chances to score but not even Gino Fortunato,  who has a morbid fear of 2-0 score lines, looked not the slightest bit worried. The killer blow came as Silva whipped in a corner to Vinnie in similar fashion to his (almost) league winning goal against Man Utd in 2012,  glanced powerfully past the goalkeeper. Jose and Jacq Ferreira, Zack, Ajay, Simon P,  were up and Mick Graham started to enjoy the game. Kudos to Mike and Sue from Oz who attended and we didn’t mention the cricket once.  Great result! bring on Chelski and the ‘Cheating One’.

SF Blues Man of the Match: Kyle Cook for his rousing rendition of Manuel Pellegrini’s Lamborghini.

West Bromwich Albion
    13 Myhill
    04 Chester Booked
    25 Dawson
    06 Lescott
    11 Brunt
    08 Gardner Booked
    24 Fletcher Booked
    07 Morrison
    14 McClean (Yacob - 45' Booked )
    17 Lambert (Anichebe - 74' )
    18 Berahino (McManaman - 80' )
    03 Olsson
    05 Yacob
    09 Ideye
    10 Anichebe
    19 McManaman
    29 Sessegnon
    38 Rose
    01 Hart
    03 Sagna
    04 Kompany
    20 Mangala
    11 Kolarov
    42 Y Touré (Demichelis - 80' )
    25 Fernandinho Booked
    15 Jesús Navas
    21 Silva
    07 Sterling (Nasri - 74' )
    14 Bony (Agüero - 63' )
    05 Zabaleta
    08 Nasri

    10 Agüero