Thursday, November 14, 2013

Navas vs. Sunderland

When Jesus Navas entered the match, the impact was immediate.  He basically did whatever he wanted down the right side.  Almost to the exclusion of trying down the left, his efforts looked so good.  I lost count of the number of crosses he had.

But nothing came of it.  In fact (if memory serves me right), I don't think we had one on target chance from what seemed like a dozen crosses.  What do people think?  Was it poor crossing on the part of Navas? Was the Sunderland defense just too good in the middle?  It seemed like every one of the crosses went right to one of their defenders.

We also had 14, that's FOURTEEN corners.  And barely a good chance from any of them.  How can our set pieces be so poor?  It's crazy!  What do these guys do in practice if they are not working on set pieces.  After a while, we just gave up trying to put the ball in the box and set up short.

The good news is we have an extra week to work on it!  :-)

C'mon City!