Monday, November 11, 2013

Well that's a fine kettle of fish....

Wow, a team that scores a dozen goals in two games can't score one against a team at the bottom of the table.  Ouch.

Are they psyching themselves out on the road, or the fact that Sunderland have just owned us at their ground?  Or did these factors come together to make it so we can't score there.  At all.

The commentator pointed out that we've SCORED more goals they have have SHOTS on net.  And one semi defensive lapse is all that was needed.  Sigh.

To be fair, we didn't get much help from the man in black.  On the goal, Milner was clearly was pushed over from behind by the goal scorer, Bardsley.  And Sunderland should have been playing with 10 as Garcia was the recipient (for a change) of a tackle that should have been a straight red card, although not even a yellow was given.

But, we're not going to win games where we don't score at all.

And one thing is for sure: We can't blame Joe Hart.