Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are we getting lucky?

Lescott kicks an attacker in the shins, knocking him over in the box.

Kolarov shoots right at the keeper from 30 yard.  An easy shot.  But somehow is squirrels in between his legs.

Would these incidents change the ultimate outcome of the game?  Who knows?!

There is an old saying:  I'd rather be lucky than good.  As far as City is concerned, I'd rather by lucky AND good.  Let's hope the luck continues to fall our way.

After the Spurs Match:  Again, I don't think it affected the final outcome, but Dzecko was not fouled in the box.  The replay showed it was a great defensive play, and he clearly got the ball from behind.  Rose should not have gotten a red card for that, and we should not have gotten the penalty.