Sunday, January 12, 2014

Police Report: 3 Points Stolen at Newcastle

Wow, just a little bit of controversy there, eh?

While Hart watched it sail by him, Newcastle had a leveling goal disallowed for offsides.  Clearly, 2 Newcastle players were offsides, but neither was affecting the play.  At least in my opinion. We got very, very lucky on that.

The controversy really fired up the home side.  Our forward play was terrible as we tried to push the ball too much instead of slowing it down.  The result was a number of giveaways that gave the opposition a lot of chances.  My man of the match is Kompany.  He must have cleared 20 crosses/passes into the box and very reliably.

As I write this, we don't know the condition of Samir Nasri.  I can't believe the Newcastle player was not given a red card.  He may not have been trying to injure, but the second kick was surely reckless and high.  Nasri has been playing great.  Let's hope that his injury is minor.

Newcastle deserved a draw (at least!) and we took the points.  If you are going to win championships, occasional thievery will be required.  We got one there.