Friday, March 14, 2014

One Trophy left.....

After the lack of revenge against Wigan, and the not too unexpected loss to Barcelona, we have one thing left to focus on: Premier League!!!

The good news is if we win the three games we are behind, we are at the top of the table.  The bad news is that we have to win those three games!

It's particularly difficult given the lack of production from the front line.  Aguero and Negrego have been hurt, I've discussed Dzeko in another post.  This drought sounds familiar: two years ago, we were ahead in goals scored and as we approached spring the goals dried up.  The difference this year is that we are NOT at the top of the table.

The current league leader has been able to grind out three points consistently, without scoring a lot of goals.  I don't care if we do it by scoring a lot or a little.  We just need the three points.  Unfortunately, our slip ups early in the season mean we don't have a lot of wiggle room.  Let's see if we can make up for it.

One other point on the lack of goals.  When you score a LOT of goals like we have, your competition learns to adapt.  Our competition has learned to adapt.  We need to adapt back.......!