Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Now that's QUALITY!

Great, great comeback by City in the League Cup!

It was tough to go down so early.  And there was a lot of cause for concern that we couldn't put the ball in the net in the first half.

But that was all forgotten given the quality of our first two goals.  To see Yaya look at the goalie, call for the ball, and put a pinpoint precision shot into the net from 30 yards was an incredible experience.  And Nasri's goal was just as brilliant from a volley at that distance.  The keeper didn't even have a chance to move.  But even if he did, there was not way he was going to get it.

Respect to Sunderland, who really appear to have gotten their act together compared to earlier in the season.  They were ahead for much of the match, and when they went down, they still looked dangerous.  It took two incredible goals from an incredibly talented team to take the Cup from them.  Fortunately, City was just that team!