Thursday, April 17, 2014

Luck Running Out. Or: a game of inches

I wrote earlier about some luck that went our way earlier in the season.

Now, the ball is bouncing the other way.

Think of it this way:  Just a few inches: In the Liverpool match, Aguero puts the ball slightly out of the reach of Silva, who barely gets a toe on it and his attempt goes wide by a few inches.  Two minutes later, against the run of play Kompany muffs a clearance and the Liverpool midfielder puts in a perfect shot.

After the Sunderland keeper muffs a shot right at him from Nasri, in extra time Nasri has a wide open shot from within the box go over by a few inches.

If Silva was able to get more foot on the ball and Nasri a little less, we'd be crowing about how we were going to be top of the table.  Instead, we're praying for some luck.  All because of a few inches.

C'mon CITY!