Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Match that May Decide the Title

The season has come to this:  There are two teams that, if they can win the rest of their games, will win the title.

One of these teams was expected to be in this spot: OUR CITY!

One of these teams was not expected to be in this spot at the beginning of the season - Liverpool!

Riding a wave of amazing goals by Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool has had quite a run these last two months.  But, they still have to play us and Chelsea.  Please note that they lost to both these teams over the holiday season.

If we draw, we are still in the drivers seat as (as I write this) we are one point behind them with a game at hand and we (again, at the moment) have the goal differential.

Really, really looking forward to the match next week.  Hopefully, we can get a good crowd to meet the scousers at Maggies!

C'mon CITY!